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SUBENCO is Benefit Corporation

What is a B Corporation and what value does it have to become one? B Corps are for-profit companies which are subjected to a rigorous assessment by the B Lab of social, environmental, performance, accountability and transparency.

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Dynamo Camp, “The Right to Happiness

Through the efforts of Euro Brand Management to fulfill its mission of social responsibility, an annual donation which is made to the camp that allows two children to attend for two weeks.



 “In 2017 we began working with Euro Brand Management. The partnership has evolved over the years to sharing the same supply chain mission of performance and sustainability. With our almost 40 years’ experience and know-how in production, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation, we have become a dependable partner of EBM in packaging production for European and North African footwear factories.  We are delighted to be part to EBM’s global supplier network, and we thank EBM for the big opportunity to expand our business in packaging and their sustainability development goals.”


Bosis d.o.o.

14221 Popučke 



geox sq

“We have been working together with Euro Brand Management on supply chain projects related to packaging and packing sustainability for over 10 years. EBM is a highly experienced and professional global team dedicated to providing sustainable and cost-effective solutions and executions. Their sustainable partnerships and alliances have given us an opportunity to help achieve our yearly sustainable business development goals.”

MARCO POLONIATO, Senior Vice President Operations & Purchasing

Geox SpA

Via Feltrina Centro, 16

31030 Biadene di Montebelluna


“Having one central Asian and European packaging supplier with a complete process of sampling and approval, creates a direct and efficient communication with factories that guarantee consistent color and quality. In addition, it offers the possibility to monitor and control the specific volumes of packaging for each factory and brand.”

STEFANIA OTTAVIAN, Purchasing Manager

Lotto SpA

Via Montebelluna, 5/7

31040 Trevignano



 “We are proud to have been the first nearshore packaging partner in Serbia supplying the Geox manufacturing plant in Vranje since 2017 thanks to Euro Brand Management’s cooperation. Since we were contacted by Euro Brand Management in 2016 we have been working closely with their staff finding the most appropriate and effective supply chain solutions to meet the demand of the Serbian factory and as well as other footwear manufacturers in East and West Europe. We have to thank EBM to have brought us their expertise and experience in the global packaging business.”



Dubrovačka 415/4

Novi Pazar


“Since Euro Brand Management became a certified B Corp® in 2015, we have collaborated in a spirit of interdependence on several sportswear, fashion and footwear brands. EBM’s purpose and mission are well aligned with those of Nativa: EBM is a committed and competent international team that promotes the sustainability and efficiency of global organizations and supply chains.”


Via degli Ausoni 1, 00185 – Roma
Via Pastrengo 14, 20159 – Milano

“SmellWell Freshener Inserts help keep shoes and sports gear dry and fresh, making them last longer and work better. With a mission to take better care of our gear and wear, the cooperationwith Euro Brand Management has been key in our work to find better alternatives for packaging from FSC certified paper. We are looking forward to a long-term collaboration with Luigi, Riccardo and the rest of the great team at Euro Brand Management”


SmellWell AB

Storgatan 22

114 55 Stockholm



“In 2015 a colleague of mine brought to my attention Euro Brand Management. At that time, I was looking for packaging solutions that were more efficient and competitive. From the beginning of our collaboration I have found Euro Brand Management to be a reliable and professional partner that convinced me on several points: their product analysis made by competent technicians, the study in packaging supply that best suits our needs combined with the paper optimization, construction and measurements, the proposal to open up to the sustainability world and an efficient centralized supply of all packaging material shipped to different production sites. With these initiatives, we have significantly reduced our costs and limited our impact in the environment.

FABIO BIANCHIN, Operation Director TCX Srl

TCX S.r.l.

Via Ferraris Galileo, 56

31044 Montebelluna



We began to work with Euro Brand Management in 2016 in order to reduce our impact on the environment in our supply chain, specifically in packaging and packing materials. Within a short period, we were able to implement a reduction in paper consumption by more than 20% and energy by 25% in the manufacturing of our packaging. In addition, they developed an industry first 100% biodegradable shoe bag for the Ultra III Bloom. EBM is an International team skilled at making a difference “for the world and in the world.”

G. CLARK, Founder/CEO


28 Britton St, Farringdon

EC1M 5UE London

United Kingdom