EBM Due Diligence Process

Review & Clarify

We review the entire supply chain from design, engineering and development of products, global factory packing systems/methods, retail architecture requirements and all materials that are used to protect footwear and information which is conveyed to your end consumers. The breakdown requires a thorough understanding of the global footwear industry which we have a precise understanding. This allows to appraise your entire source chain from raw materials that become part of the product to consumers.


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Evaluate & Empower

The evaluation/assessment takes into consideration every manufacturing process of your packing and packaging. From procurement and amount of raw materials utilized, production methods, material waste and regenerative possibilities taking into account a closed system approach. We will evaluate nearshoring opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions from transportation and administrative handling charges.

Design & Engineering

The results of our work will enable you to reduce costs throughout the supply chain, reduce or eliminate areas of CO2 emissions and provide you a computation of all areas of reduction, elimination, and cost savings. It will include paper reduction calculations which translates to a reduction of tree harvesting to elimination of plastics to compostable regenerative materials.


The EBM Sustainable Packaging Programme


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